ProPower Green, a new program offered by Financial Management Services Inc. (FMSI), provides third-party interim financing of Solar/Energy Efficiency Rebates, enabling the customer to use the net proceeds of the anticipated rebate as partial payment to the distributor for their purchasing needs. This ground-breaking program improves cash flow and sales for both the distributor and the customer.

ProPower Green is part of FMSI’s comprehensive ProPower Program that provides a broad range of solutions and tools to assist wholesalers in managing their business.

The program grants extended payment terms and credit, based upon timely completion of a customer’s system installation.

The newest addition to FMSI’s ProPower line-up is a program built for today’s economy and environmentally stimulated markets. “Contractors and distributors will find that ProPower Green is a timely and financially advantageous addition to the ProPower segment of FMSI, providing immediate cash flow when rebate funds may be months away from reaching their destination,” said Brent D. Houck, FMSI’s Vice President of Marketing and Business Development. “The bottom line is: you can turn anticipated energy rebates into cash with ProPower Green,” added Houck.

For more information about ProPower Green or other FMSI services, contact Brent D. Houck, Vice President of Marketing and Business Development, at 888-PRO-POWER (776-7693) ext.102 or email him at


Information is Power: Current information is peace of mind to help you make informed credit decisions.
Contractors Credit Bureau (CCB) recently added to its list of services - a link to Westlaw, the premier online public research system. Westlaw is the most comprehensive online legal research source on the market. Included in its domain are document retrieval services, information on Federal, state, tribal and international litigation, topical material, the latest legal and business news, directories and legal periodicals.

At no additional cost, once CCB participants are online in the CCB system, they can link to Westlaw and have access to information that will help them make important financing, purchasing or partnership decisions. Westlaw is the major resource for use by law firms to investigate cases in respect to legal issues, lawsuit history, corporate information and criminal records.

Among CCB’s other existing services are: CCB Credit Reports - with current status, detail history and credit limit reports; CCB Red Alert Program - an online early warning system that monitors your accounts receivables portfolio, triggering warnings when derogatory or significant changes in performance occur; and Public Record Reports - links to the national public record database to provide you with public record details on the company you are researching. 

Call or email for a FREE 10-day trial of Westlaw.  For more information, visit, or contact Brent D. Houck at 888-776-7693 ext.102 or email him at









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