Rewards Program

This voluntary loyalty program designed to encourage ProPower participation provides name-brand merchandise, travel awards, and customized incentives. Customers can use state-of-the-art e-commerce technology to view their point bank and the Awards Catalog and place orders online. The Awards Collection includes a showcase of selections ranging from useful household items to exotic travel programs. The ProPoints Rewards Program is a proven tool to stimulate sales, boost retention of high-value customers, and build stronger, long-term relationships.

To view the current award catalog:

  • go to
  • click on the ProPoints icon
  • log on using “guest” and the password “fmsi”

The ProPoints Rewards Program is an optional feature of the ProPower Revolving Business Account. While Member participation in the program is encouraged, the decision to participate in the ProPoints Rewards Program is made by each Member. The Member can either automatically enroll all of their ProPower customers in the Program, or they can decide to selectively enroll customers. The ProPoints Reward Program can be used as an effective collection tool as enrollees lose points if their accounts become delinquent past 60 days.

ProPoints are accrued for the full purchase price of merchandise bought at participating Distributors and charged to their ProPower account, for which payment of the purchase price (principal only) has been made to and received by FMSI. One (1) point is accrued for each one (1) dollar of payment of principal. A minimum of 25,000 points is necessary for redemption eligibility.

The cost of the ProPoints Rewards Program for the Member is .005 or a half-cent for each point, and this fee is only billed upon redemption of points by customers. The awards are billed net of the ProPoint Reserve held back from the transaction fees. For example, award redemptions of 25,000 points translate to a cost of $125 to the Member and a minimum purchase from the Member and repayment to FMSI of $25,000.



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