Investor Program

FMSI Investor Program

Most investment advisors recommend a mix of stocks, bonds, and cash for investor portfolios. The predictable and higher-than-market returns of the FMSI fixed-rate notes can have a stabilizing effect on an investor’s overall investment portfolio and can serve to balance the volatility found in stocks. FMSI provides a variety of investment maturities to suit all investment needs.  All investment options provide the investor with online access to their account information.


  • Significantly higher interest rates than the average rate paid by bank certificates of deposits (CDs) of comparable maturity (as reported by
  • Guaranteed fixed rate of return for the full term of the investment.
  • Flexibility of maturities ranging from three months to two years for investment notes.
  • The FMSI On-Demand Account provides liquidity and a higher return for investors.  Currently, the On-Demand Note provides a 4% return and allows the investors unlimited deposits and withdrawals via ACH access online.  Quarterly statements are issued and may also be viewed online.  If the ability to withdraw funds at any time is of maximum importance, then the FMSI On-Demand Account is the right choice.
  • No fees or commissions—participants invest directly with FMSI, without a broker.
  • Investor can choose from three interest payment methods – at maturity, interest paid monthly or interest paid quarterly; all payments are made by ACH.
  • Low minimum investment of just $1,000.
  • The confidence of knowing that an investment is secure with FMSI, specialists in creating cash flow for Distributors and their customers since 1973.
  • While FMSI investment options are neither insured nor guaranteed, FMSI has been profitable, stable and secure for over 40 years.  FMSI is audited annually by RSM McGladrey, the fifth largest accounting, tax and business consulting firm in the world.  FMSI has a geographically diversified portfolio with multiple layers of protection guarantying repayment.


Please contact FMSI directly for current rates and further information on the Investor Note Program.


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