FMSI partners with its Members to offer financial products and services that assist Manufacturers, Distributors and their customers with achieving their goals of enhanced cash flow and increased sales.

Investor Note Special

ProPower Revolving

ProPower Green Rebate

Term Loans

ProPower is an innovative revolving business account that immediately improves the Distributor’s cash flow
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ProPower Green Rebate offers third-party interim financing of Solar/Water Conservation/ Energy Efficiency Rebates
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Term loans assist Distributors by offering sales solutions that reduce collection problems and improving cash flow while .
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Capital Reserve

ProPower Construction


FMSI’s Capital Reserve Commercial Finance Program provides a variety of loan and lease programs designed to
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ProPower Green Construction provides interim financing for renewable energy transactions during the construction phase
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This voluntary loyalty program designed to encourage ProPower participation provides name-brand merchandise, travel
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Signature Revolving

FMSI Servicing Program

Investor Note

FMSI Consumer Credit Corporation provides consumer financing programs.  Signature Revolving Credit is
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The FMSI Servicing Program offers third-party loan and lease servicing provided by highly experienced experts, superior
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FMSI has offered investor notes for over 43 years. These investment notes are only offered to accredited investors. They are neither insured nor guaranteed.


Custom Financing

Receivables Financing

FMSI works with Distributors to create unique financing programs custom designed to address specific Distributor challenges.
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Financial Resources, LLC offers a range of credit management solutions and services including geographic and trade-specific commercial credit data, collections, lien filing, and credit verification.
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